Dion Agius Talks About Epokhe

Dion Agius is many things. Perhaps better known for his wave riding pursuits, Dion has traveled the globe as a professional surfer picking up various experiences and attitudes from place to place. These experiences and attitudes have no doubt shaped his aesthetical outlook and most certainly lend themselves to his recent endeavor EPOKHE Eyewear. Established very recently by Dion with friends Kai Neville and Mitch Colborn, EPOKHE Eyewear is quality, function, and art. Innocnts recently caught up with Dion and posed a few questions.

Scroll below to see what he had to say.


1. What's your favorite EPOKHE shade/style?

It's hard to choose but the style I have been running around in the most is the Kozara. It's a round frame with with a metal / acetate mix. They feel heavy and solid. And are very nice to hide behind. I really like that sometimes.

2. If EPOKHE was a city or destination, where would it be and why?

It would be a mars like landscape similar to the location we used for External World (1.0). I want to go back there, it was the most visually stunning and eerie place I think I've ever been.

3. Was there a specific moment when you, Kai, and Mitch decided to start EPOKHE?

About 3 years ago when Kai, Mitch and myself were working on Modern Collective we kept tossing around the idea of doing something, we spent so much time on the road together, We really wanted to have something to call our own, we just weren't sure what it was. And a little bit over a year ago the glasses idea came about and we have been working on it everyday since.

4. Where does EPOKHE draw aesthetic inspiration from?

I have a pretty soft spot for minimalist scandanavian design, whether it be graphic, furniture, interior or industrial. So we tried to use that inspiration and keep the line really clean. Lots of smooth curves, lines and carefully thought out angles. The slightest mm of change can make a such a huge change to the overall feel of the frame. 

5. What are your thoughts on the suspension of judgment?

I would think I would very much enjoy living in a constant state of suspended judgement. It sounds so very peaceful.

6. If you could choose any artist (dead or alive) to represent EPOKHE, who would that be?

Salvador Dali.