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Shawn Stussy Craft

Got to hang and talk surf story with Shawn Stussy and Tom Adler a week or so ago. Shawn's been prolifically shaping heaps of new boards at his studio in Montecito. The boards walk a refined line between nostalgia and modernity. If you're ever in the vicinity of Santa Barbara, stop by the S Double shop in the back Richie's Barber Shop and feel up a few boards.

You can always check the S Double site for other Stussy goods in the meantime.

Michael Hemmer Knives

Living an alternative lifestyle in the coastal mountains of Oregon, Michael Hemmer builds hand forged kitchen cutlery from high-carbon steel utilizing a practice used since ancient times. Every knife is unique unto itself. The handles are crafted with woods from sustainable locations and include Padouk, Myrtle, and Walnut among others. Michael has be know to salvage various vintage timber saws for reuse as blades. Knives of this caliber are said to last and carry edge longer than most. Judging by his waiting list, Michael's work seems to speak for itself.

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