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Innocnts In Santa Cruz

Insistent on the use of pre - Hot Generation accord and the use of nuanced point refined surfboards, a generation(s) of riders has grown accustomed to an annual gathering of the tribes at a particularly pleasurable point of land in Santa Cruz. What follows below is a selection of 35mm film photography of some of the cultural participants from this year's event.

Including Darshan Gooch, Zander Hartman, Vince Felix,  Sean Tully, Olin Borgeson, Ricky Cunningham, and Wayne Rich.

SC Trip-1.jpg


Build Me Up

Vincent Haycock Casts Three Brothers From Compton for the London Producer’s Stirring New Release

Everything in the video is their real life,” says director Vincent Haycock of the Mays boys, who he cast for this magic realist visual accompaniment to London composer and producer Raffertie’s new track “Build Me Up,” after meeting the youngest brother Demantre while location scouting in South Central, Los Angeles. “Every cast member is their friend, son, or cousin, and all the locations are their houses and neighborhood,” explained the filmmaker. “Most of the scenes were based on what they wanted to do as opposed to me giving them too much direction. The only thing I made up was the idea of death—all the brothers are alive and well.”


Adrift, 2009, Directed by Heitor Dhalia

A beautiful film from City Of God director Heitor Dhalia. Amazing locations and cinematography, great cast (always enjoy Vincent Cassel), and a layered story that I think many could find relation to. This one's worth a view.