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We throwing a party for the romantics out there! Join us Thursday Feb 14th for a proper Throwback Valentine's Night at @thewaterfrontvenice.
Your favorite romance films screening, a 90’s style photo booth with take away prints, boutonnières/corsages for early guests, plenty of food and drink specials for singles and lovers alike, and the absolute best selection of throwback dance music via @alfalpha, sure to make you shake your bones. Let's look forward to Valentine's Day for once! ❤️🖤💔🖤❤️🖤💔🖤

RSVP link in profile. 

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Bryan Yazzie At Space 15 Twenty

Longtime Innocnts advocate Bryan Yazzie recently had a killer opening at Space 15 Twenty. Bryan has worked for Urban Outfitters for some years now as a hired assassin display artist. Basically all the UO special projects her in Los Angeles are built by Bryan. They hooked him up with the exhibition space at the Hollywood location and set him loose. What ensued was great use of the space utilizing a hand-welded LED light based installation that when synced with the proper band (Terminal A) and fog machine, created quite the emotive environment. The exhibit, which also includes other goods handmade by Bryan, remains up for another couple weeks with very random hours.

We Are The Romantic Ones

Please join us for a special one night group show presented by INNOCNTS. We will be taking over Subliminal Projects on Valentine’s night to bring you a grouping of emotive works by some of our favorite people. Enjoy some complimentary PBR's as you listen to a romantic sound selection by Alf Alpha with a special Hip-Hop set by Kapeesh.

A Westside Story

My grandparents have been married for 70 years. They're both in their 90's now and considering the change and struggle the world has seen in that time, it's hard to imagine the life they've shared. My grandmother Rose was born in Puerto Rico in 1920 but raised in Spanish Harlem, New York. My grandfather Eugene was born in 1921 and brought up in a strict Irish Catholic family in Hells Kitchen, New York. Both fell in love during a bygone era that few in my generation have the appropriate appreciation for. It's a fairy tale romance that lends authenticity to American classics like Broadway's West Side Story and Ben E. King's Spanish Harlem. I was recently sorting through old things of theirs and came upon a red album full of original photographs. Some timeless images of old New York neighbors, honored wartime buddies, quaint backyard BBQ's, and an undying love that still burns strong.