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Thom Pringle's Top 10 Suggested Listening

Operating under the various pseudonyms (Tiger Pearson, Mick's Meat CoThom's Market Selection) our good mate Thom Pringle bides most his time between scoring film projects, making various forms of electronic inspired music, and taking photographs of ephemeral moments. We recently reached out to Thom to see if he could share a "Top 10 Suggested Listening" to occupy your work day, travels, or next social gathering and Thom obliged us. Thom is of course available for hire for all your Mediterranean million dollar yacht parties, funky LA bar mitzvah's, or documentary film needs. 

Big thanks to Thom for putting in the time with his suggestions and providing some nice little insights about each track and why he digs it!


Check more from Thom here.




Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Marcus Garvey (Live)

Amazing new Jazz/Funk from Melbourne, I wanted to start out with a couple of Melbourne picks considering I’m living in Melbourne right now and this new stuff from Ziggy Zeitgeist is just amazing. A amazing drummer who plays in a large array of Melbourne bands. This one is a amazing almost danceable Jazz song and it just hits so hard when that synth baseline comes in at 4:57. Its really feels sooooooo good.


Civic - New Vietnam LP

Civic a incredible new Melbourne Punk Rock band. Powerful rock or garage punk or whatever you want to call it. Sounds like something between the Old School Detroit Proto stuff, the MC5’s, Death, Destroy All Monsters to amazing punk stuff like The Saints or Dead Boys. Smashing out a heavy LP of trashed out guitar driven tracks that give the Australian Punk scene a very strong look.


Mumbo Jumbo - Wind It Up

A forgotten Australian Disco/New Wave master piece. Lost in the archives for years. This track just makes you want to dance. Extremely catchy, extremely fun, will become your favourite Friday afternoon track!!! Have to thank Andras and Instant Peterson for finding this one in the archives and putting it out for the world to enjoy.


Pacific Yew - Taproot

Amazing Producer out of New Orleans, somewhere on the edge of Jazz and the Beat Maker ticket. He makes really human or alive sounding beats, takes a very avant grade or abstract approach compared to a lot of the artists he would be grouped together with. Odd samples, strange piano melodies and a abundance of saturation. Pacific Yew releases a lot of amazing beats, follow his Soundcloud, Theres there’s always something new to listen too.


Deem Spencer - Dirt

Deem Spencer. There’s just something incredible about this beat and his amazing off kilter vocals. It just works so well. It really leaves you wanting more and more, this rest of his stuff is amazing too but this one just hits so hard.


Sunwatchers - Nose Beers

Bring in the psych lords. Sunwatchers, you got to see these guys live. Loud, droning, raw, amazing music created by amazing musicians, and they play super tight. I seen these guys in a small room at Union Pool in Williamsburg and they just about blew my girlfriend and my ear drums apart but it really left a lasting impression, one of the most amazing new New York bands in my opinion.


Les Rallies Denudes - White Awakening

Speak about high saturation, tape delay and reverb raining down into your ear passage through all of Les Rallies Denudes releases, amazing Japanese band, reining from the extreme underground, leftist commune kids raw version of a some kind of Krautrock happening thousands of miles from Germany but at a similar time.


Bobby BeauSoleil - Lucifer Rising 1

I’m really big on film scores and this work Bobby BeauSoleil did for Lucifer Rising is just incredible, crazy, intense, raw amazing pieces of work from a old ball character of the hollywood scene. Fits perfectly with film and as stand alone piece is just beautiful too. Bobby was a strange character, really worth having read of his wikipedia and being like what the fuck. This work has stood the test of time and is so relevant now with modern day life as it was in 1972.


Sun Ra - Trying To Put The Blame On Me

Sun Ra the best, the intergalactic, the genius, the Jazz space king. A very different piece for Sun Ra, a beautiful piano and a amazing vocal piece from him. He pioneered a amazing mix of different genres and different sounds but this is a real special one. Almost catchy, if you listen to this one twice you will be hooked and I’m sure it will make it into your newest playlist. 


Off-Ons Ideh - Saturday Night

Rare Nigerian disco, that is instantly so good. Stand up dance and sing along. There’s a lot lot West African dance guru’s waiting for a reissue of this one i’d say. So catchy and fun. I just spent a few weeks in Burkina Faso and couldn’t stop jamming out on this one, gottttttttttttaaaaa love this track.


"The thing I love the most about this album is it takes advantage of the lo-fi sound. A lot of other gangsta rap records have this really polished sound, like "Yeah, I'd kill you but I won't 'cause I don't want the cops to take my good studio equipment away." This tape literally sounds like he's rapping over beats from his car stereo and his whole posse is driving around in a used minivan looking for people to take out hits on. The original album cover is just a murky polaroid of him standing in a graveyard leaning on a rusty shovel, no artist name or anything. TW3 ain't afraid of nobody." - YouTube Viewer

Gravediggaz Compilation

Interviews, TV & Internet appearances, Videos & Live footage from The Gravediggaz collected from T.V., online, from the fans, News outlets & the Gravediggaz. 

The group's first album was originally to be titled Niggamortis; however, this potentially risqué title was changed to 6 Feet Deep for the American market, it was released on August 9, 1994. The four members adopted Gravedigga alter egos for their work with the group: RZA became The RZArector, Poetic became The Grym Reaper, Prince Paul became The Undertaker and Frukwan became The Gatekeeper. 

The second full-length Gravediggaz album The Pick, the Sickle and the Shovel was less humorous, dealing more with social and political issues; it also used calmer and more conventional production. Prince Paul played a considerably smaller role in the making of this album, with many of the production duties now taken care of by RZA and his Wu-Tang affiliates. 

Around 2000, Gravediggaz recruited DJ Diamond J. Poetic died of colon cancer in July 2001. Frukwan stated in an interview not long after Poetic's death that a new album using leftover Poetic material would be released. Nightmare in A-Minor, the third official album for Gravediggaz, came out in 2001; it featured two of the original members, Poetic and Frukwan. This album was their darkest work yet, including many references to Poetic's struggle with cancer, as well as apocalyptic themes to do with the teachings of the Five Percent Nation. Although RZA did not take part in the album, some Wu-Tang Clan affiliates such as 4th Disciple, True Master and Beretta 9 were involved. The album was mostly produced by Poetic and Frukwan.

In 2010, Frukwan & Rza recorded a new song, "2 More Cups of Blood" as The Gravediggaz. In 2011, it was announced that the group had been recording new tracks involving former collaborators OMN999, Shabazz The Disciple & Killah Priest.

Chuck Berry ///// RIP

It took a minute to take in the passing of Chuck Berry. So many Innocnts shows have been graced with his music. An ongoing anthem of shorts for us. The original rocker! He will be missed dearly but indeed the music lives on. Here's one our favorite collective Check Berry moments.

We Are The Romantic Ones

Please join us for a special one night group show presented by INNOCNTS. We will be taking over Subliminal Projects on Valentine’s night to bring you a grouping of emotive works by some of our favorite people. Enjoy some complimentary PBR's as you listen to a romantic sound selection by Alf Alpha with a special Hip-Hop set by Kapeesh.


Our good friend and fellow California Institute of the Arts alumni Matty Harris composed an amazing piece of music with 13 other talented jazz musicians titled "DOUBLE SEPTET". It's a wonderful narrative of sounds and feelings. You can buy or listen to the album by clicking the link below but at $20 the vinyl is definitely the recommended mode of listening.…/matty-harris-double-septet-pfmlp093/