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Ohad used to wrench on his van and print our shirts in LA some years back. But that was never really all he was about. Sure his dog Beans rules the Instagram but Ohad is more than just a wrencher with a cool dog. Dude can paint far better than most so it was no surprise RISD excepted him into their MFA program a year ago. He's been doing the East Coast thing since but judging by his new work, the experience is serving him well. Have a look below.

Teebs At New Image Art

Innocnts longtime compatriot Mtendere "Teebs" Mandowa currently has a solo exhibition on view at New Image Art in West Hollywood. A beautiful collection of new abstract paintings by Teebs inspired by the birth of his daughter Aya and his time spent nurturing and learning from her at home over a 16 month period.

Reoccurring elements from past works including ladders and blue/red cross-patterns are infused seamlessly with new organic shapes and dreamlike landscapes. Teebs palette continues to evolve with some of the new works  in various shades of bashe, white, and brown earth tones. Much like his music the work is sensitive and warm and flows nicely from piece to piece.

Exhibition is on view till May 27th with gallery hours of 1-6pm Tuesday to Saturday. 

For inquires or an exhibition catalog please CLICK HERE

We Are The Romantic Ones

Please join us for a special one night group show presented by INNOCNTS. We will be taking over Subliminal Projects on Valentine’s night to bring you a grouping of emotive works by some of our favorite people. Enjoy some complimentary PBR's as you listen to a romantic sound selection by Alf Alpha with a special Hip-Hop set by Kapeesh.

Gertrude Abercrombie

Gertrude Abercrombie (February 17, 1909 – July 3, 1977) was an American painter based in Chicago. Called "the queen of the bohemian artists", Abercrombie was involved in the Chicago jazz scene and was friends with musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Sarah Vaughan, whose music inspired her own creative work.

Innocnts Presents : Never Mind The Dog

Innocnts presents || Never Mind the Dog || a group show curated by Jose Araujo exploring conditions of rebellion, street themes, outsider markings, and other concepts of thoughts. With a focus on shades of black, white, and grey. Opening Saturday, November 28th. Save the date!

Featuring: Alex Petty / Amsi Bustillo / Brendan Lee / Bruna Soares / Buzzy Jenkins / Casar Bravo / Chris Ayalin / Dyami O'Brien / Jose Araujo / Julio Casagrande / Lil' Stevie / Badseed / Mathew Miller / Matt McCormick / Noah Malloy / Robert Meinhardt / Sergio Hernandez / Spider Sinclair / Tomas Tumbleweed / Wicho Brizuela

Live performance by DiVola

Cold beers via Pabst Blue Ribbon

Recap Aaron Elvis Jupin At Innocnts Gallery

Aaron Elvis Jupin makes rad things. He also skates pretty good. Plus he's a great human being. That's why we love him. A Few weeks back we celebrated the opening of his solo exhibition // HOW'D I GET HERE? //  at Innocnts Gallery. OUR DUDES AT House Beer hooked up cold ones and Aaron's girlfriend had the sickest playlist. A bunch of our friends came out and we reveled in the good vibes. Here's some pics from the exhibition and opening.

For any further information on Aaron or an exhibition catalog please contact us here.