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Ohad used to wrench on his van and print our shirts in LA some years back. But that was never really all he was about. Sure his dog Beans rules the Instagram but Ohad is more than just a wrencher with a cool dog. Dude can paint far better than most so it was no surprise RISD excepted him into their MFA program a year ago. He's been doing the East Coast thing since but judging by his new work, the experience is serving him well. Have a look below.

Innocnts x Globe // Artist Series Deck Release

Last Friday we officially launched our collaboration with GLOBE at General Admission in Venice, CA. King Harbor beer was flowing like the salmon of Capistrano, latin beats by Alf Alpha enticed the crowd to shake it and the building almost came down when Divola performed. The cops even payed a visit and might have had something to do with our premature finish. Regardless we had a blast and appreciate those that made it out! Our "Friends With Benefits" installation remains up for a few more weeks at General Admission with the full range of decks and tees available. 

All opening pics by Cory Hackbarth

General Admission hours: 10am - 7pm // Monday - Sunday
52 Brooks Avenue Venice California 90291



We curated a 3 deck artist series for GLOBE showcasing artwork from our friends Jose Aurajo, Rye Purvis and Stacy Kranitz. The series has a nice range of shapes ideal for liquor store runs to skatepark sessions. All decks are a limited run of 50 per artist with etched artist's name and numbering on each deck. 


- Limited numbered edition of 50

- 9.25" x 29.75" x 15.5” wheelbase

- Resin-7 hard rock maple

- Mellow concave

Jose Araujo was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Jose’s traditional fine line black / grey and bold traditional tattoo work draws influence from elements of Americana, Chicano art, LA gang writing, and prison art from various time periods. His gallery practice pulls from similar resources combining Chicano art with traditional American imagery and the use of handwritten typography to help covey various inner-city sentiments. Jose maintains a regular position at Mid Town Tattoo in Los Angeles taking appointments in between raising his family in nearby Mid City.


- Limited numbered edition of 50

- 7.75" x 30.5" x 14” wheelbase

- Resin-7 hard rock maple

- Medium side to side concave, full nose and tail

- Built-in bottle opener

Rye Purvis was born in New Mexico and currently lives and works in San Francisco, California. Rye’s contemporary still life paintings depict everyday objects and moments. The work acts as representational portraiture commenting on commercial vices and personal adventures in a satirical fashion. Optimistic, upbeat colors coincide with corner store items, oldschool automobiles, and characters based on Rye’s friends and her surroundings giving homage to an underbelly that exists and prospers within her Bay Area and New Mexican desert experience. Rye graduated with a BFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute.


- Limited numbered edition of 50

- 8.25" x 32" x 14.25” wheelbase

- Resin-7 hard rock maple

- Full concave

Stacy Kranitz was born in Kentucky and currently lives and works wherever her interests lead her. Stacy’s photography explores history, representation and otherness within the documentary tradition. She uses photography to open up a narrative that confronts our understanding of culture; one poised between notions of what is right and what is wrong. Stacy received a BFA from New York University and an MFA from the University of California, Irvine. Her work has been featured in publications including Adbusters, Elle, Granta, Mother Jones, New York Times Magazine, Oxford American, Rolling Stone, Vice, and Wired.

Teebs At New Image Art

Innocnts longtime compatriot Mtendere "Teebs" Mandowa currently has a solo exhibition on view at New Image Art in West Hollywood. A beautiful collection of new abstract paintings by Teebs inspired by the birth of his daughter Aya and his time spent nurturing and learning from her at home over a 16 month period.

Reoccurring elements from past works including ladders and blue/red cross-patterns are infused seamlessly with new organic shapes and dreamlike landscapes. Teebs palette continues to evolve with some of the new works  in various shades of bashe, white, and brown earth tones. Much like his music the work is sensitive and warm and flows nicely from piece to piece.

Exhibition is on view till May 27th with gallery hours of 1-6pm Tuesday to Saturday. 

For inquires or an exhibition catalog please CLICK HERE

New Works By Aaron Elvis Jupin

Some compelling new paintings by Aaron Elvis Jupin. Really diggin the light-handed use of airbush that has been entering the more recent works with added elements like shadows, reflections, and smoke. Always dig the suggestive quality of his work that is conveyed through the comic-like depictions and clever titles.

For inquiries on Aaron and his artwork please CLICK HERE.


So Quick To Recover, 2017, Cell vinyl and airbrush on paper, 31 x 40 inches, SOLD


Blue Bird, 2017, Cell vinyl and airbrush on paper, 14 x 11 inches, Available

Now That You're Gone, 2017, Cell vinyl and airbrush on paper, 36 x 24 inches, Available

Now That You're Gone, 2017, Cell vinyl and airbrush on paper, 36 x 24 inches, Available

The Blues Gets In The Way, 2017, Cell vinyl and airbrush on paper, 36 x 24 inches, Available

The Blues Gets In The Way, 2017, Cell vinyl and airbrush on paper, 36 x 24 inches, Available

There's No Where To Go, 2017, Cell vinyl and airbrush on paper, 36 x 22 inches, Available

There's No Where To Go, 2017, Cell vinyl and airbrush on paper, 36 x 22 inches, Available

Maddison Kellie AKA Lady Mustard // Opening Recap

Our main girl on the scene in Australia photographer Maddison Kellie, also known in some socialite circles as Lady Mustard, recently had a swinging exhibition in Coolangatta this past weekend with all sorts of legends in attendance. Though the California Innocnts contingent couldn't make the trip, the Aussie crew did just fine. Here's some pics from the evening. The exhibition remains up till March 11th at Maverick Hair And Art Space, First Floor, 1/17 Griffith Street, Coolangatta QLD 4225, Australia

Jose Araujo x Diablos Book Club

This Friday evening (12/2) our dude Jose Araujo is having a special book release shindig with Diablos Book Club at Courthouse Skateshop in Santa Monica. They'll be selling just 10 special edition box sets at $100 a pop.

Each box set includes GoodTimes Vol.1, a tattoo appointment w/ Jose, 1 special edition tee, custom special edition dice, select patches, 1 limit edition print & some stickers. The tattoos will be from select flash, sign in starts at 5pm. Cold PBR's via @pbr_art. Gonna be a rad night!

Artist Look - Scott Lee

We came across artist Scott Lee some months back and dig the different outputs of expression. A Southern California native from the San Fernando Valley, Scott is currently in his second year at CalArts in the Fine Art program.

Words From Scott:

"My art is about a lot of things and varies in each project, but generally it's about painting, the material, the textures, colors, and composition. I guess I'm trying to speak a similar language as the early abstractionists were doing, just in my own way. It's also about process, this idea of layers and what it took to get to the final state. Within a lot of that though, I'm thinking about life, faith, doubts, hurt, joy, peace, and confusion."

Check out more from Scott here.