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While in Los Angeles for her solo exhibition // IDLE YOUTH // Johanna was able to fit in some tattoo appointments. All work was done with stick & poke method and very limited due to time and availability. Johanna set up shop in the gallery space over the weekend and managed to get about 10 tattoos done in all. Thanks to all that came out and got some ink and many thanks to Justin Gaar for taking pics.

How To Make A Tattoo Machine

I was wandering around the museum gift shop yesterday after a visit and found this great zine by Jeff Potocar featuring east Los Angelino skater Fabian Alomar and his homie Trouble. It's a simple zine with a simple goal in mind; make a jailhouse style tattoo machine. The zine is limited to 200 in this first run and is published by Heavy Time Books. Find yourself a copy and start tattooing already.