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Puerto Rican Iron Work

Just got back from Puerto Rico and one of the things that we dug was the beautiful custom ironwork all around Puerto Rico adorning the houses. Interesting thought that the same object used to make one's house more visually appealing, is also meant to keep your ass out of that same house.

Innocnts In Australia

We recently got back from a month in Australia exploring the various points of interest and the meat pie phenomena. Happy to report back that Australia is indeed an amazing place filled with great vibes, cold beer, and warm sun. After renting a white van from the Venezuelan mafia (kidding just nick-name) we ventured all over the place in search of surf. We often found it but never managed to take pictures of it since we were too quick to get out in it. So here's a handful of iPhone images that should tell some sort of abstract story. The entire trip will be better documented through a forthcoming issue of Foam Symmetry set to drop sometime this summer. Stay tuned for more Innocnts in Australia stuff.

Innocnts In Baja

For the past week we've been tucked away behind a particular focal point of gathered sand deep in the Mexican desert where few non prone walking being dare to set foot. The wifi (and use of such driven devices) was strictly forbidden and access acutely limited to those individuals particular to abandon and refuge. We recently returned from this endearing episodic adventure and would like to report back that though the forces in play were strong and the caliber of waves indeed of the highest regard, we have chosen to return and continue to forward the mindset of creativity and community for other "innocnts" similarly engaged as we. More pics to come from this adventure soon. ‪#‎NeverLostOnlySearching‬

Innocnts In Hawaii

Innocnts made it out Hawaii for a month. On Maui we scored Honlolua Bay as good as one could hope for and skated the most perfect ditches with no one around. We camped in Hana and jumped off cliffs. In Lahaina they also have a way sick Grindline park that we should of hit more. Brando and Scotty hooked up with Canadian backpackers and Sean got some sleep. In Oahu we scored a ranch house on private property with a sick left out front. There were bongs waiting for us upon arrival and the coconuts were plentiful. Danny's Tinder game was strong and Noah fancied rum and pineapple drinks most nights. All in all it was epic. Working on getting the film back and piecing together some magazine features for Hotdogger and Slide soon after. 

Stay tuned for more Innocnts crew in Hawaii action!