Innocnts Presents : Never Mind The Dog

Innocnts presents || Never Mind the Dog || a group show curated by Jose Araujo exploring conditions of rebellion, street themes, outsider markings, and other concepts of thoughts. With a focus on shades of black, white, and grey. Opening Saturday, November 28th. Save the date!

Featuring: Alex Petty / Amsi Bustillo / Brendan Lee / Bruna Soares / Buzzy Jenkins / Casar Bravo / Chris Ayalin / Dyami O'Brien / Jose Araujo / Julio Casagrande / Lil' Stevie / Badseed / Mathew Miller / Matt McCormick / Noah Malloy / Robert Meinhardt / Sergio Hernandez / Spider Sinclair / Tomas Tumbleweed / Wicho Brizuela

Live performance by DiVola

Cold beers via Pabst Blue Ribbon