Recap : Inspiration Trade Show

It's been a minute but we're finally posting this recap from the Inspiration trade show back in February. Innocnts doesn't really fit in at the other larger trade shows so for our first go at this "booth" thing we gave Inspiration a shot. Smaller brands, attention to details, nostalgic vibes, and no pressure. We had live music from Seth Pettersen, free beers courtesy of the local liquor store, live pinstriping by Vince Felix, and tattoos by Jose Araujo.  The legendary Jeff Ho even stopped by and gave the tattoo machine a try under the tutelage of Mid Town Tattoo's Jose Araujo. Though we didn't really sell much (not even sure what we were trying to sell really), we had a blast and hopefully left an impression with some of the folks that passed through. Maybe we'll do it again next year.