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Conversation w/ Henry Fey

I met artist Henry Fey about two years ago while visiting a friend in San Francisco. The two had gone to school together (SFAI) for about a year or so at the time, and we were introduced one night at an opening at Book & Job gallery. The night went on after the show and we consumed quite a few adult sodas, talked the art talk, shot some pool, and I've been glad to call him a friend since. A few weeks ago I had the chance to shoot a few texts back and forth with him and ask him a few questions about his work.

You can check out some more of Henry's work on Instagram at @djslowdance or on his website here.

___ships_ / Jiliann Wierenga

One of the clearest memories I have of a certain ex-boyfriend of mine is the way his forearm looked in the sun, one day eight or so years ago, while on a farm in the French countryside.  I had a dream once that I was someone else, and I was thinking of me; this someone else hadn't seen me in a long time, so the details of my face in his memory were shadowy.  ___ships_ is a play on these two experiences, and a personal exploration into the fugue of memory.

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Michael Donovan

Photographer and multimedia artist Michael Donovan enjoys a burgeoning career born of necessity, and raised in the streets of New York.  His impressive portfolio holds a hearty mix of sex, street, and symbology; straddling the fine line between fashion and fine art, this one-time stand-up comedian draws on his colorful past for inspiration. Any questions? Visit him on Tumblr, where he will be more than happy to chitchat with you personally- because that's just the kind of guy he is.

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Closing Reception

We had an amazing night last Thursday at the "Nothings Too Precious" art show! Very thankful for the great turn out and positive vibes. Stoked everyone had such a good time. We had some amazing work from an eclectic mix of skateboarders with a total of 15 pieces selling the opening night! All the work was kick ass and priced at just $100 so we figured this might be the case.

There's still some great work available from Quim Cardona, Chris Pastras, Steve Saiz, Greg Hunt, Kiino Villand, and more. That being said, we're gonna have a closing reception this Friday, May 17th at 6pm. Please join us for one final chance to get a piece from this great show of skateboarders.


Nothings Too Precious

A loose gathering of skateboarders and the things they make. Inspired by the accessibility and honesty found through skateboarding, Nothings Too Precious features a selection of smaller works all priced at $100. Curated by skateboarder Billy Valdes and featuring work from an eclectic mix of notable skateboarders.

Opening reception is 5pm on Thursday, May 2nd at Innocnts in Silver Lake. Check the Nothings Too Precious event page for more information. 

Confirmed Artists & Merch Below