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Good times last week for Kris Chau's solo exhibition opening // GODS OF SUMMER // at Innocnts Gallery. Much appreciation to those that were able to make it out! Kris created a wonderful vibe by combining her triangle paintings with triangle mirrors in offset pattern to create a really cool spacial effect, furthering some of the celestial elements present in the work. Show runs till August 5th with the gallery open most days from 2pm to 6pm or by appointment. We also have a pdf catalog available for those interested. Message us here for that. Much appreciation to our dudes at House Beer for their support. And big shout out to the Twilight Trio for a great improvisational jazz performance!

Artist Kris Chau

Sometimes the best way to find great artists is to have another great artist turn you on to them. Such is the case with with Los Angeles based artist Kris Chau who we recently became familiar with. Innocnts is very pleased to be working on a solo show of her latest series Gods Of Summer coming to Innocnts Gallery in September. Stay tuned for more details!