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Ever met Lyon Herron? We bet you'd be stoked if you did! An all around great example of human being, surfer, friend, and cancer survivor. All those key personality traits lead to one heck of a life perspective so it's no surprise Lyon would gravitate towards documenting the beauties of life through the lens of photography. Lyon is 100 percent dedicated and now a days with all the over-night "photographers" inebriated with Insta-fame, that's something to take pride in. Lyon lives it. From motorcycle mayhem in the desert salt flats to swimming among cracking blue barrels at Pipe, Lyon is engaged and tuned in.

Stoked to have Lyon as an Innocnts Advocate.



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Lyon Herron Photography

Malibu native and around stand up guy, Lyon Herron has been quietly taking some great images. We've known the guy for some time now but didn't quite realize the extent of his skills behind the lens until somewhat recently. He's got a killer website that's updated regularly with both RVCA and Insight as recent clients. Stoked for Lyon and what's to come.

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