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Recap // Nothings Too Precious

The opening of Nothings Too Precious went down earlier this month with much success. Inspired by the accessibility and honesty found through skateboarding, "Nothings Too Precious" features a selection of smaller works from noted skateboarders. And in keeping with the exhibition's intent, all work is priced modestly at $100. Much of the work sold and all that attended would likely agree it was an amazing night. The exhibition remains up through the end of the month with regular business hours of operation. There is still some great work that remains and we have a pdf catalog for anyone interested in available work.

Much appreciation to Krusin Skate Shop and Pabst Blue Ribbon for their continued support!!!


Installation view Nothings Too Precious. Pic by MorGnar

Mark Gonzales / Gino Perez, Sold

Nicole Dodson, Available

Chad Muska, Paulo Diaz, Sean Tully, and Eric Pupecki at Krusin Skate Shop. pic by MorGnar

Andrew Schoultz, Available

Pat Ngoho surveying the scene. Pic by MorGnar

Quim Cardona, Sold

Billy Valdes, Available

Alex Fatemi, Available

Krusin / Innocnts Family

Steve Saiz, Available

Mark Foster, Available

Christian Hosoi and Kevin "Spanky" Long artwork

Style defined...Chad Muska and Paulo Diaz at Innocnts. Pic by MorGnar

Lance Mountain, Sold

Beau Roulette, Available

Great night for an art show. Pic by Steven Andrew Garcia

Installation view of Nothings Too Precious

Richard Sanchez, Sold

Chris Pastras and the Saiz brothers. Pic by Steven Andrew Garcia

Jason Grillo, Paulo Diaz, and Sean Tully in discussion. Pic by Steven Andrew Garcia

Jacob Messex and crew. Pic by Steven Andrew Garcia

Tjaden Brewer, Sold

The writing on the wall. Pic by MorGnar

Echo Park sidewalk life at Krusin Skate Shop and Innocnts Gallery. Pic by Marco Zamora

Chad Muska, Sold

Quim Cardona, Sold

Paulo Diaz showed up with a band and it was amazing. Pic by MorGnar

Danny Minnick, Sold

Shout out to PBR for the beers! Some folks even brought their own. Pic by Steven Andrew Garcia

Jeremy Wray, Available

Christian Hosoi, Sold

Pic by MorGnar

Paulo Diaz, Sold