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Innocnts In Santa Cruz

Insistent on the use of pre - Hot Generation accord and the use of nuanced point refined surfboards, a generation(s) of riders has grown accustomed to an annual gathering of the tribes at a particularly pleasurable point of land in Santa Cruz. What follows below is a selection of 35mm film photography of some of the cultural participants from this year's event.

Including Darshan Gooch, Zander Hartman, Vince Felix,  Sean Tully, Olin Borgeson, Ricky Cunningham, and Wayne Rich.

SC Trip-1.jpg


___ships_ / Jiliann Wierenga

One of the clearest memories I have of a certain ex-boyfriend of mine is the way his forearm looked in the sun, one day eight or so years ago, while on a farm in the French countryside.  I had a dream once that I was someone else, and I was thinking of me; this someone else hadn't seen me in a long time, so the details of my face in his memory were shadowy.  ___ships_ is a play on these two experiences, and a personal exploration into the fugue of memory.

Hedi Slimane x Burger Records

Call it whatever genre you want but Burger Records is doing that genre and doin it rather well with some great bands on the label and a sweet record shop serving as the foundation point. The scene they've manged to engage and support is quite thriving with youth and beauty. Noted Yves St Laurent fashion photographer Hedi Slimane, aware of this, headed down to Burger recently and documented a little of the beautiful madness that is Burger Records. Head over to Hedi's visual diary for more inspiring images from the Burger scene.

Anna Ehrgott Photographs

I met Anna out in the water at Malibu a while back. She was casually shooting photos with what looked like a cheap waterproofed 35mm film camera. I noticed her inclination towards snapping photos of the off-beat moments during that surf and wondered what those photos might look like. We're friends now and she shared some of those great images with Innocnts. I really appreciate the sincerity and warm youthful vibe conveyed through the images.