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Hanging With Billy Valdes

Billy Valdes has Los Angeles pedigree. He knows the city as well anyone and still holds down a stylistic line on the skateboard with ease. Some things never change. Here are some film images captured by Innocnts from various hangs with Billy in and around the Silver Lake area. Stay tuned for an upcoming Innocnts video short with Billy and long time friend Paulo Diaz. Coming soon enough.

Bills_1 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_2 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_3 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_4 (wtrmak).jpg
Bills_5 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_7 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_6 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_8 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_9 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_10 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_11 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_12 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_13 (wtrmk).jpg
Bills_15 (wtrmk).jpg