Teebs Artist Discussion

A really cool thing happened when we were hanging Teebs solo exhibition Overgrown a few weeks back at New Image Art. Yes we were drinking IPA's but that's not what I'm speaking of. In the process of hanging the 200 small abstract studies we began to pick out favorites and that evolved into a cool discussion, critique, and process of elimination leaving us with one final piece.

Well we had so much fun doing it we decided why not let everyone else who feels inclined do the same. So we did just that on April 1st at New Image Art where Innocnts hosted and moderated a cool discussion in which Teebs spoke candidly about the work and process that went into his recent solo exhibition at NIA titled OVERGROWN. Together as a small group gallery patrons picked out 2 favorite remaining unsold small abstracts and were then asked to discuss what about those particular pieces they found interesting. The critique and discussion was thoughtful and by then end we had one remaining piece. Teebs surprised everyone by allowing each participant to take home the piece in which they spoke for. It was a great night of discourse around art which should really happen more often amongst art appreciators. Look forward to doing more similar things like this in the future at Innocnts.