NOW LIVE // 1WV 1FN 2017

Wasn't sure if we were gonna get it together and launch the 1wv1fn contest this year but with a little help from our friends at weedmaps seems it is indeed on. Very pleased to officially launch the 2017 1wv1fn longboard video contest. Not much has changed this year regarding the rules (please see website), same concept and judging criteria. Stoked to have 6 top logger judges calling it like they see it. No secret handshakes or invites. Best wave wins. Simple as that. With the help of Weedmaps we are now offering an equal prize purse of $1000 for both men and women and $500 for each videographer. Contest will run till October 31 opening up the wave possibilities for multiple regions around the world. Pretty easy money if you can get on it and find the right wave. Stoked to see what comes of the contest this year!