Beachbreak Boogie /// East vs West

From the creators of 1WV1FN, comes another fresh approach to the single fin log-riding contest that continues to widen the playing field and offer up a modest pay day while doing so. A contest with no travel costs, no entry fees, no heats, no false claims, no tri-fins  and no limited invites. Open to all men and women riding logs and forwarding the movement in their own way. Here’s the basic idea, best surfed beachbreak wave over a 3 month period wins. Simple as that. Winning male and female surfer each gets $800 usd and an invite into a future Vans Duct Tape Invitational held in beachbreak. The videographer for each winning wave will also receive $200 usd. Numbers taken from top 6 waves in both men/women will determine an overall “coast” winner. Winning coast will retain all bragging rights for one year and we’ll probably so something else cool as well.

EAST COAST TEAM: East Coast US, Africa, Brazil, Europe, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, etc

WEST COAST TEAM: West Coast US, Hawaii, Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Bali, etc.


- A clip of your best single wave ridden at a beachbreak. Full ride – from takeoff to kickout

- Must be on a single fin log (9ft +) expressing traditional style

- Wave must be ridden within contest period: Aug 1, 2019 and Oct 29, 2019 (honor system)

- Open to anyone – male & female – anywhere in the world 

- Must be shot using a video camera – no iPhone, drone or GoPro submissions accepted

- Maximum of 5 wave entries per surfer. (upload/delete as desired)

- Videographer must have the surfer’s consent

- No entry fee required.


- Post a video on your Instagram (only surfer can submit and they must tag the videographer)

- Must tag @innocnts and #BeachbreakBoogie1

- Clip must be unedited with just the complete wave. (music ok)

- No watermarks, i.e. logos, titles, etc. 


Judging by a distinguished panel consisting of Justin Quintal, Matty Chojnacki, Hallie Rhor, Erin Ashley, and special guest judge tba. Judges will consider all waves/waveriders equally based upon the following criteria:

- 25% Length of wave (combination of maneuvers linked together)

- 25% Degree of difficulty and criticality (risk factor)

- 25% Style (Make it look good / Don’t force it)

- 25% Overall radness (Impress us)


Winner will be announced on Saturday November 14th, 2019 California time at 5pm via


Surfer prize (women/men each): $800 USD and invite to a future Vans Duct Tape Invitational

Videographer prize (women/men each): $200 USD

Upload ALL Submissions by October 31st, 2019

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Thomas Gatt Photography Zine

Our man down under Thomas Gatt returned last year from a 6 month travel around the globe. Along the way he trained his eye and camera onto some thoughtful compositions. The culmination resulting a limited zine release “By The Water” with various images from these travels. Came out pretty sick. Gander at more on Thomas’ website here.

Here’s what Thomas had to say:

So for starters I was born in Sydney and have lived here ever since. I left Australia in February of 2018 for Europe to travel alone for 3 months spent between Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Malta and Barcelona. From there I flew over to New York where my brother lives and spent another 3 months there. I completely immersed myself in my surroundings and set out almost every day to shoot as much as I could and experience the diversity of the city I was in. Almost a year later, I put together what I believed to be a selection of images that best represents my visual perception of that particular moment in time.

I find beauty in darkness.

For me each image serves as a memory, as a collection they serve as a reminder of the period in my life when I was 18 on the other side of the world. The Title, By The Water.”


Nathan McKee - Surf Vids

We recently commissioned our friend Nathan McKee to create an original cut & paste piece based off some of surfing’s most important film contributions. This piece was a gift for Joel Tudor as a modest tip of hat for his contributions to surfing (and he put us up at the house a few times). All Nathan’s work is hand cut and pasted using construction paper. The piece measures ? and will be released as a print very soon.

Innocnts At OPABF

Very stoked to be a exhibiting at the first annual #OPaBf (Other Place Art Book Fair), an art fair within an art fair at the Independent Artbook Fair. Does that sound confusing? Ya it probably should so here’s the breakdown.

The Other Place Art Fair is fluid in definition, bonded by an intention to operate in other places outside the traditional art gallery systems, Other Places art fair (OPaf) features participants presenting site-specific booths encapsulating their projects and programming. Representing the growing movement of hard to define art project spaces, OPaf provides a custom art fair structure designed specifically for these unconventional projects.

OPaF has a booth at this year’s Independent Artbook Fair and within this event they have created a scaled down art fair (1:12 scale to be exact) with machete set up. There are 10 booths / exhibitors in total with each project being allotted a 10 inch by 10 inch booth. It is up to each exhibitor to curate that space as desired.

Innocnts will be highlighting 3 distinct Los Angeles artists with narrative based work including Sickid, Coulter Jacobs, and Jose Araujo. Each artist has made a limited number of works specific to the project and will be highlighted during the run of the fair(s).

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